Wednesday, February 9, 2011

1869 Walking Dresses Le Follet

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I have no idea what that chair is doing in the middle of a garden, but I am completely charmed by this print, randomly placed chair and all. This is beautiful scanned, but I wish you could hold the original because it is incredible. It’s when you look at the teeny delicate brushstrokes that give the appearance of silks and laces that you can see what amazing artists these lithographers were. It is a very commercial art, it is true, but a very beautiful one.

This is, at this time, my favorite fashion plate. I love the romanticism of this. The bold colors, rich textures. These ladies all have such wistful looks on their faces. Not in a damsel in distress way, as each of the three looks intelligent and capable, but like they are all longing for something better.

Unfortunately, I do not have a fashion description for this plate.

Purchased on ebay as a loose fashion plate, December 2010.

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